Signing up for the competition is done on SSI

Reporting on the range:
Prior to starting in the competition you need to report to the stats for gun check. Please mind to bring all your gear that’s needed for this such as mags etc.

Stats will be open for gun checks at following times:
Friday 18.00-21.00 for competitors in squad 1-16.
Saturday 08.00-11.00 for competitors in squad 17-32.


Paying the match fee, food and any other items are entirely done on Shoot’nscoreit. They accept payments either via your PayPal account or an online payment on your credit card. Please note that you can only pay once you been accepted in the match and received the status of Pending. All fees payed from waiting list where the competitor does not get a slot in the competitions will NOT get any refunds.


Refund Policy

If you’re unable to attend the competition once you’ve been accepted we can refund your fees with a reduction of our fees of 10% up until 2015-04-12. After that no refunds will be done but a competitor may sell or give his or her slot to anyone on the waiting list. Please note that the organizers will not take part in any monetary actions involved in these transfers.

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